Top 10 Best Food Processors in India – Shopping Guide

Top 10 Best Food Processors in India -Shopping Guide

Top 10 Best Food Processors in India

Top 10 Best Food Processors in India

Are you looking for the best food processor for your home or gift, but one thing for sure that I will guide you through buying the best? In this post, I will provide you with the complete information you need to know. I have also prepared the top 10 best food processors in India to help you select the right product for you.

Normally food processors hit, cut, crumble, fold, crush, grind, but it can vary from model to model. You need to make sure that the food processor you select has the functions you need and a few points below:

Power: In addition to the considerations of characteristics, power is the main thing that guarantees the speed with which your work is processed. In general, 600 watts of power is sufficient in food processors.

Speed Controls: Speed controls are necessary because you need to control the processing speed to dedicate jobs.
Construction material: The material must be of high quality to ensure high durability.

Shopping Guide – Best Food Processors in India

Food Processor in India

Food Processor in India

A food processor is a brilliant innovation that guarantees easy chopping, chopping, grinding, etc. It is made up of highly advanced interchangeable blades and a perfectly blended smart motor to add a touch of modern elegance to modular kitchens.

Upgraded versions of food processors can even knead, along with chopping, mashing, and mashing. Selecting the best food processor for your kitchen from 100 brands and buying the technology, which has quality and efficiency at an affordable price, is a tedious process.

What is the Food Processor?

A food processor is a result of mixing a mixer and a grinder. You can extract juices from fruits and vegetables and perform various kitchen tasks such as cutting, cutting, grinding, chopping.

Today, many food processors can even prepare the dough that is used to make chapattis in all Indian kitchens.

The reason why using a food processor is more advantageous than mixers and mills are because food processors come with interchangeable blades and a less powerful motor that would be friendlier.

These replaceable blades help the food processor perform various kitchen tasks, such as chopping, grinding, mixing, and mashing.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Food Processor?

Best food processor of 2020: Cuisinart, Hamilton, Ninja, and more ...

We are listing the features that should be incorporated into a food processor for efficient operation and long life.

Bowl and blade capacity

The blades and bowl capacity play an important role in adjusting the fineness and volume of food, respectively. A food processor performs multiple functions like cutting, chopping, mixing, etc., so it requires several types of blades to do so.

The blades made of quality material and sharp ends can work efficiently and maintain their performance for a long time. Bowl capacity is the factor that decides how much food can be processed in the food processor.

Families with large numbers of members should opt for a food processor with a larger bowl capacity. On the other hand, nuclear and small families can go with a medium or small bowl.


Speed ​​is the specification that enhances excellence in the operation of a food processor. Multitask, as mentioned above, and these activities require different strengths and speeds to perform smoothly.

Such circumstances can only be handled when the food processor has the ability to vary speed. Multiple speed levels must be available on the device and must be easy to configure.

Typically 2 to 3-speed settings are available in a food processor according to the standards followed. Nowadays, most of them are manufactured with 3 levels of speed adjustment.

Energy and Electricity Consumption

Various tasks are being performed on a food processor, and each requires a different input power, depending on the force required. The maximum force is required to mix the ingredients that make a dough.

Therefore, any food processor that can make dough would continue the process of making any other food item. Therefore, you must buy a food processor with more than 750 watts of power, so that the mixing of the dough takes place, in its particular strength to taste.

Power consumption depends on the materials and capacity of a food processor and generally limits its range from 450 volts to 1000 volts.

Total Size and Capacity

The size of the food processor is a key factor that affects the amount of food that can be processed. The standard variation in size that is followed in India is 7 cups to 20 cups of the helicopter. He does not. People living in a household determine the amount of food.

Therefore, you should buy a food processor according to the size of your family. Most Indian families in urban areas are made up of 4-5 members, so a food processor with 10 accessories is recommended from an ideal point of view. When it comes to rural areas, the average family size is over 6 members; in that case, we recommend buying a food processor that is larger in capacity and offers more accessories.

Here, the attachment refers to the number of jars and blades that are provided along with the product. A large food processor has a larger capacity, and this appliance must have more capacity so that the processor does not spill or break down.

Easy Maintenance and Automatic Shutdown

Whatever happens, safety and maintenance are two main factors that every appliance should have. This appliance is also safe, and easy maintenance is guaranteed. The appliance must have enough space so that it can be easily cleaned.

Most of you might prefer the dishwasher to wash the utensils, so the updated versions of this appliance have the ability to be dishwasher safe. Recent food processors can be turned on or off automatically.

This helps prevent damage or accidents caused by circuit interruption, which generally occurs when there are fluctuations in the power or the voltage being supplied.

Easy to Use and Economical

A product is easily sold in the market when the customer finds it easy to use. Any product that is easy to use and fits within the budget is customer-driven. Just think for a second, this could be the factor that keeps you on top before buying any product.

A food processor performs multiple tasks, but it would be a hit in the market only when it can be used without much hassle.

The buyer should be able to operate the product with ease and grace. To better understand how it works, a user guide (User Manual) is provided with the package.

The food processor is a multitasking device and deserves its worth, but it should be available at an affordable price. It usually ranges from Rs.1000 to Rs.10000. The exact cost varies depending on the characteristics and specifications of the processor.

Service Centers

Most food processors have a 2 year warranty period applied to the product and a 5-year engine warranty. Body parts made of plastic have no warranty, so any damage to them must be repaired by an appropriate service center.

Therefore, we recommend that you check the availability of a service center in your area before purchasing this product.

Other Factors

A food processor should include some features that may seem additional, but that play a vital role in protecting the user, maintaining the quality and shelf life of the item. Some of the factors have already been mentioned above, speed adjustment, overload protector, and quality blades.

But you should also make sure that the bottle is properly locked with the device before using it. It is necessary to withdraw once as a precautionary measure. Also, the noise level should not exceed 80-90 Db while in use.

You can see these factors when buying the product. If the product is delivered separately, you must read the manual and follow the rules for assembling the items.


In fact, a food processor is a much-needed appliance in a modern kitchen, especially for working housewives, as this helps save a lot of time in the small process but requires a lot of time that requires concentration and perfection to some degree.

One should bring home a food processor not only to use or save time, but also to fully utilize the product and make it friendly to everyone in the home, so anyone can work on it, from young to old, and understand the value of Housewife Efforts.

Its use is quite simple, as it is electronic and automatic, but manual food processors may need a hand and a little experience to avoid the complication of its operation and time consumption. Food processors have several factors to check and advanced features that focus on safety and necessary parameters. A user guide is always helpful and should be followed with a serious note until one has practiced or got used to the device.

I hope this buying guide has helped you understand the importance and operation of the product, in simpler terms, and make you buy the best food processor from India according to your requirements. In our opinion, Inalsa Fiesta 650  is the best food processor in India.

Top 10 Best Food Processors Models

Inalsa Fiesta 650 Food Processor

Inalsa is a leading brand that has been ruling the Indian markets for an extended period. It manufactures premium quality products that are exclusively made in India.
The Fiesta processor from Inalsa Food has a 650-watt motor that is made of 100% copper that will give you remarkable results at a surprising speed throughout the cooking task.

The product comes with a 1.5-liter multipurpose jug and a 1-liter stainless steel grinding jug. It is highly effective for grinding masala, chopping vegetables, mixing mashed potatoes, kneading and preparing vegetables, etc.

Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta consumes minimalist energy that reduces the cost of use and the energy bill. The brand has even incorporated a motor overload protector that guarantees the safety of users.

The superior quality of all accessories and the polycarbonate body of the mixing jars add elegance to the kitchen. With a wide feed tube, the motor runs efficiently and quietly for a long time.

Instructions for use will be provided in the manual that will get along well with this 4-star device. The product comes in an opaque shade of white and gray and is available at a massive discount from Amazon India.

The company offers a 5-year product warranty along with other interesting offers and discounts. The free EMI payment option is available with free delivery, cashback, bank offers, and a 10-day replacement option.

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Philips HR7627 /00 Mini Food Processor

Philips, one of the main players in the food processor industry. It is a recommended international brand for quality products and after-sales services. The brand has successfully captured a significant portion of the Indian audience when it comes to home and kitchen appliances.
The Philips HR7627 / 00 Mini Food Processor is a stylish food processor consisting of an ABS plastic body and a 650 watt motor for efficient processing. Durability, robustness, and long life are a few guaranteed characteristics.

The combination of powerful super-chop technology with sharp blades and stainless steel gives you an amazing chopping, grinding, etc. experience. You can easily convert soft and hard ingredients into a smooth and fine texture.

You will also be provided with three stainless steel discs that would give you brilliant performance in crushing, granulating, and cutting. The base has non-slip feet, padded to prevent slipping and shifting of the processor while it is in disuse.

You can set the speed at two different levels, either low or high. It also has a blade holder and an attached mechanical brake. This machine consumes 220-240 volts of power, making it an electrically friendly appliance.

You get two jars, 2.1 liters, and a 1.75-liter jar capacity when you buy this food processor. All other accessories you get in this deal are dishwasher safe.

This food processor has a knife unit, a chopping knife, coarse grinding, coarse slicing, an emulsion tool, fine grinding, fine slicing, and granulating. It’s white in color and rated over 4 stars for its consistent high-class performance.

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Morphy Richards Icon DLX – Multi-task Expert

Morphy Richards is an 81-year-old company. It’s one of the leading companies in household appliances.

They have designed and made many products. They’re also within the manufacture of food processors. Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000-Watt kitchen appliance is one of its popular products. Morphy Richards kitchen appliance is one of the most effective selling food processors.

This kitchen appliance includes kitchen appliances, sauce bottle (0.4 liters), grinding bottle (1 liter), polycarbonate smoothie bottle (1.5 liters), and processing container (1.5 liters). Four jars for various functions, like sauce bottle – 400 ml, grinding bottle – 1 liter, liquidation bottle – 1.5 liters and processing bottle – 2.4 liters. It’s batch accessories like Variomatic 7 Step Slicing, Coarse Crumble, Fine Grated, spud, Large Jar of Chutney for dry/wet grinding of sentimental spices, pasta and chutney making unique Quadra flow square jugs for dry/wet grinding, Big Size Transparent Smoothie Jar, Citrus Juicer, Centrifugal Juicer, Kneader, Chopper, and Chopper. It’s a 1000 watt kitchen appliance with an excellent locking mechanism. For security, there’s a special child lock facility.

Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000 performs many functions like wet grinding, dry grinding, blending, blending, mashing, mincing, mixing, chopping, kneading, peeling, 7-step variomatic slicer, citrus juicer, centrifugal juicer, coarse grated Crushing, spud.

Using Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000, you’ll be able to cut, crush, and make the dough. You’ll be able to also extract drinkable and juice. It’s a robust 1000 watt motor with a two-year warranty. You’ll be able to customize the thickness of cut 7 different options. The fresh juice may be extracted with a centrifugal juicer. There’s also a citrus juicer available to extract lemon or fruit crush that’s not available from a number of the food processors. You’ll be able to make perfect dough or kneader Aata. Chopping and grinding the vegetables are going to be done very quickly, which is able to save plenty of your time.

Overall, the Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000 Watt kitchen appliance is that the perfect multitasking kitchen appliance and also the best value for money.

Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2

Inalsa is another recognized brand in the Indian markets. Food processors have always been appreciated for their excellent performance and long life.

The Wonder Maxie Plus V2 food processor that comes from Inalsa’s house is one of the best food processors in India. It comes with a powerful 700-watt motor that enables efficient operation.

The Wonder Maxie Plus V2 food processor that comes from Inalsa’s house is one of the best food processors in India. It comes with a powerful 700-watt motor that enables efficient operation.

All functions like cutting, shredding, mixing, mixing, etc. can be made in this processor with a 100% pure copper motor. All of these functions are accomplished with a set of blades such as chopping and kneading blades, centrifugal juicer, French cutter, and coconut crusher, coarse and fine cut crusher and slicer, etc.

This set also consists of a 0.4-liter stainless steel container that is used to prepare chutney. Not only this, but you also get a 1.5-liter polycarbonate mixing glass along with a 1-liter stainless steel grinding glass and a 1-liter processing bowl.

Energy consumption is low, allowing a reduction in the cost of electricity. Your safety is the top concern for the brand, which has been guaranteed by providing features like an overload protector that automatically shuts down the processor.

Various patterns are available such as food processor, dry iron food processor, food processor, and hand mixer, food processor, and steam iron.

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Philips HR7629 /90 Mini Food Processor

Philips has always been an evergreen and famous brand when it comes to home appliances like food processors. In fact, this name has been maintained for a long period through the service and products provided to the Indian market.
Philips HR7629 / 90 is a powerful food processor, powered by a 650-watt motor. There are 2 speed and pulse setting options available for improved control. You can control the speed through the regulator knob.

Save pre-vegetable and fruit pre-cut time as you get a 40% larger feed tube in the machine compared to your previous versions. This device will facilitate the extraction of the juice thanks to the Citrus press and other emulsifying tools.

The 1.5 liter capacity of the processing container allows mixing with a maximum amount of ingredients. You can now cut food into thick chunks thanks to powerful cutting technology.

Sturdy stainless steel blades have sharp edges that can cut or slice raw vegetables into thick and thin chunks as needed. There is no internal axis connected in this model because there is a loss of food inside the jar.

The slicing and grinding disc are reversible, and the appliance is dishwasher safe. The base comprises a suction cup that prevents the processor from moving while in work mode.

The Philips HR7629 / 90 body is made of ABS plastic and contains integrated cable storage. This product operates on a 220-240 volt power supply and has a fully packed knife unit, coarse and fine cutting tool, crushing tool, kneading tool, jar, and reversible disc.

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Bajaj FX 11 Food Processor

Bajaj is another Indian giant in the food processor industry. The company is dominating the hearts of Indian consumers before independence, making it one of the oldest manufacturers of ceiling fans, juicers, and other appliances.

Bajaj FX11 is an upgraded version of a food processor. It consists of a 600-watt motor and a three-speed regulator knob with a pulse that improves the efficiency level of the device.

This set consists of 3 jars and a processing container. A jug has a capacity of 1 liter and is used for grinding. Another jar comes with a 0.3-liter capacity and is used to make chutney. The third bottle has a capacity of 1.25 liters, and you can use it to liquefy the ingredients.

The first two bottles have a stainless steel body, but the bottle and the smoothie container are made of polycarbonate, which is unbreakable. The jars have a locking system to prevent spills and injuries.

Sleek design and durable bodies have an amazing capacity and longer lifetime. The Bajaj FX 11 food processor is a multitasking device as it is effective for activities such as grinding, squeezing, kneading, scraping, chopping, shredding, slicing, and whipping with the help of its durable and sturdy stainless steel blades.

It has a built-in overload sensor to protect the device from power surges along with a safety lock. It is available in a white color that is sure to add beauty to your kitchen.

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Wonderchef  Turbo Chopper

Wonderchef has always been at the highest of the list of suggested brands for food processors. It manufactures one in every of the foremost affordable food processors in India.

When it involves WonderChef Turbo Chopper, its performance, quality standards, and contribution are consistently remarkable. The merchandise has been purchased reviewed by an outsized number of users on Amazon.

This product has been identified as no one within the kitchen industry. It’s the sole manual kitchen appliance available in India that includes a 2-speed setting and a primary gear to regulate power and a fourth speed to regulate speed. You must not put much effort and electricity because of the gear system.

You can serve fresh juice, cut and cut vegetables and fruits. Not only this, but you’ll be able to also make sauces, batter, mix, beat, crush ice, and knead the dough. These activities may be dole out accurately and effortlessly by the sharp stainless-steel blades.

Unique design with sturdy, non-slip body helps processor last longer. The Turbo reduces the hassle and complexity of food preparation. You furthermore may get a citrus chopper and juicer within the package.

The brand offers various combo styles for this product. It’s a black appliance that’s lightweight, easy to wash, and simple to use.

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Bosch MCM3501M Kitchen Appliance

Bosch, the brand, talks about the standard it offers its customers. It’s one in every of the simplest companies that are always preferred for perfect quality products. Its products have had increasing demands worldwide in recent years.

Bosch products could also be a touch expensive, but they’re worth every penny. It features a flexible kitchen assistant consisting of a strong 800-watt motor that processes in absolute silence.

Bosch MCM3501M has 2-speed configurations that may be varied at your convenience. The blades are multi-level and every one three duplicate.

There are 6 blades that may do a range of processes, like mixing, grinding, etc. And these are dole out, not only in soft ingredients but also in hard ingredients like nuts, coffee beans, ginger, etc.

For tasks like crushing ice, making smoothies and drinks, and smoothies, you get a blender jar with a 1-liter capacity. The bottle is formed of top quality polycarbonate material that may survive for many years.

The accessory and extra accessories may be intelligently stored within the compact container, reducing the likelihood of product loss or damage.

This apparatus is, after all multifunctional, since it can do up to 50 different processes, including grinding, kneading, chopping, etc. competently or inefficiencies.

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Inalsa INOX Kitchen Appliance

Inalsa Inox is one in every of the simplest food processors in India that promises to serve you with excellent products at a minimal cost. Inalsa’s growth has been notable within the market during this recent period.
Inalsa Inox is different from other food processors therein; it consists of the motor made from 100% copper, which is 1000 watts. Perform all tasks effectively, like cutting, chopping, and grinding with low power consumption.

It is a functional 8 in 1 appliance with which you get different jars, 1 liter of dry/wet grinding capacity, 1.5 liters of blender capacity, and 0.4 liters of sauce bottle capacity. There are 5 functional grade 304 stainless-steel blades.

There is an overheat safety protection that automatically shuts down the machine if it overheats or overloads. The superior quality of the appliance and its efficient operation will prevent lots of your time and money.

You also get a processing container with a capacity of two.4 liters. Not only this, but the wide power tube that comes with this appliance makes this offer more surprising.

The pulse 3-speed setup option is some things that may encourage you to figure at your convenience.

The built-in safety sensor device during this device ensures that the processor won’t function if the lock has not been removed correctly, whether or not the rotary switch is on.

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Singer Foodista Plus Kitchen Appliance

The singer has held the highest position on the expansion charts for notable appliance manufacturing. When it involves appliances like sewing machines and ceiling fans, the singer is at the highest of the list.
The food processors from the House of the Singer Crown have the power to perform a range of functions expeditiously, stability and perfection. A 600-watt motor power supply operates the appliance.

Smooth operation is ensured by chrome steel blades and blades that cut, chop, and blend ingredients smoothly. Overall, there are 14 accessories and fixtures, including the 2-liter processing container and also the 1.5-liter smoothie container.

Both the container and also the container are made from unbreakable polycarbonate material. The component list includes a centrifugal juicer and incorporates a citrus juicer. There’s a kitchen utensil that helps produce a smooth dough.

The blades are of two types: coarse grinding and fine grinding. It differs in its finishing capacity and not in its structure. The coconut grating blades grate the coconut and also the sliced blades cut fruits and vegetables, while the whisk disk whips the smoothies, mixes the custard and crushes cooked food.

It has 3-speed control levels and features like an integrated locking system for your safety. You do not get many color options after you buy this kitchen appliance. It’s available only in white that might look decent on your kitchen shelf.

If you have any questions regarding the best food processors in India, please let us know in the comments below, and we will get back to you immediately.

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